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Medical Practice News – Purpose, passion, and personal development are three things that have been integral in the success achieved by one of Phoenix’s Rising Medical Stars, Dr. Melody Medowar Rodarte. They are not easy to achieve and even more difficult to maintain. Dr. Rodarte figured out early not only could she succeed, but she could be happy doing so. This remarkable physician is charting her own course in the medical world and isn’t letting the changing landscape define who she is as a physician, an advocate, and pursuer of excellence.

Engage Dr. Rodarte in any conversation and you will be struck by her quiet, confident demeanor, her humility, her strength and her candor. Her passion for medicine and patient care are abundantly evident in all she does. She started her medical career in 2006 by joining a private practice and teaming up with an experienced, established clinician. From the beginning, Dr. Rodarte approached care differently than others and made a name for herself because of her bedside manner, insistence on getting to the root of the problem, and determination to practice as she knew was right. As is often the case, her first few years in practice were eye opening because she learned that it isn’t always a physician’s training and expertise driving patient care, but is, instead, outside entities dictating treatment. Despite this she learned to navigate the system and use her determination to get the appropriate care for each individual under her care. It was this early experience that solidified Dr. Rodarte’s unwillingness to compromise care and hardened her decision to find a way to make her mark practicing medicine as she was trained to do.

Dr. Rodarte is now part of Scottsdale Weight Loss Clinic and practices out of the SWLC Chandler location. SWLC is a comprehensive medical weight loss program run by physicians who have all practiced medicine prior to specializing in obesity medicine. The background and experience each physician brings to SWLC means that each understands how to manage chronic diseases that often accompany obesity. With a comprehensive background, Dr. Rodarte is able to manage the complexities involved in treating obesity and treats the whole person not just the disease. Treating the whole person means spending extra time, asking difficult questions and making connections that can be easy to overlook or to miss. Quality care, in Dr. Rodarte’s opinion, means using a team approach to treat the whole person. This means that if a patient arrives in her office because of significant weight gain issues and Dr. Rodarte suspects the root cause may be hormones, she expands the treatment team to include the expert in this area. She isn’t afraid to reach out to colleagues or to refer patients to other clinicians if that is what is needed to achieve improved and optimal health. There is no shame in working with others and referring patients to specialists whose expertise is different than her own.

Purpose and passion for helping others dictates how Dr. Rodarte spends her work hours. However personal development and maintaining her personal life are top priorities when she isn’t in the office. Because burnout is a very real issue, Dr. Rodarte dedicates time to doing activities that have nothing to do with medicine. As she shared, “I’m thankful my husband is not in medicine.” Her husband, Tony and twins, Ashley and Joey are the center of her world and time with them feeds her soul. Ashley and Joey keep her busy with their activities, but she finds time for her own thing. Bootcamp, hiking, walking and Pilates are fun activities that recharge her batteries and keep her healthy. She has a core group of friends that regularly get together to eat somewhere different and to shop for the latest trends. Faith is incredibly important to Dr. Rodarte and helps to keep her grounded. In the last few years as their kids have gotten older, Dr. Rodarte and Tony have been able to get more involved in outreach and have even taken time to go on several medical missions to places such as Haiti and the Middle East.

Years from now Dr. Rodarte would love to have a Wellness Center that will allow her to see patients and travel doing medical missions. Dr. Rodarte says she has a “passion for helping those in the world who are less fortunate. I was blessed being born in the US and becoming a physician. Not only do I want to serve my community, but I want to serve other countries.” Regardless of where her worldly medical outreach may lead, Dr. Rodarte has impacted the lives of many in the Valley and across the globe since entering into practice in 2006. She refuses to settle for mediocrity and is committed to providing exceptional, quality care for those in need. She represents all that is good in the world of medicine and has set the bar high for physicians following in her footsteps.